Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Princeton University admits 5 students from Greece to the Class of 2017

Princeton University admitted 5 students from Greece to the Class of 2017. This is one of the highest numbers of admissions from Greece ever in a single year. 

A near record 26,498 applications were submitted for consideration to the Class of 2017. Admission was offered to a total of 1,963 applicants, for an admit rate of 7.4%, the most selective in Princeton's history. 

On Thursday, August 22nd, a Princeton Alumni Club meeting was held in Athens to welcome the new Freshmen from Greece and wish them success. Three of the students were from Athens; 2 from Thessaloniki. 

Present at the meeting were Dimitris Gondicas, Executive Director of Center for Hellenic Studies, Alexia Inglessis, Katia Katsigera,Vassilis Kertsikoff, Alexis Phylactopoulos , Katia Tsoni, Cosmas Zachos, as well as currently enrolled Princeton Students : Gabriel Banevicius, Ioannis Branikas,Jacqueline Cremos, Konstantinos Koutras, Nikitas Tampakis, George Touloumes, Evangelie Zachos. 

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